How can I create a folder?
  • 11 Dec 2020
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How can I create a folder?

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With folders, you can store and organize documents based on products, projects, accounts, or opportunities. Revv helps you create folders to categorize documents and store them in folders or sub-folders, so it’s easier to find and share documents.

Creating a Folder

Here’s how you can create folders using Revv:

  1. Click Documents from the main menu.
  2. On the Documents page, click + (Create new folder)

Revv Create folder using Revv

3. On the Create new folder window, enter the folder name.

4. Click Create folder.

Your folder is created, now you can create documents within it.

Creating Sub-folders within a Folder

It's easy to create a hierarchy of folders within Revv. 

  1. Select a folder.
  2. Click Create new folder to create a sub-folder within the selected folder.

You can create multiple levels of sub-folders within a folder.

Revv Create Folder

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