How do I send a document for e-signature?
  • 18 Jun 2021
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How do I send a document for e-signature?

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Legally binding e-signatures provide enhanced security and save your time and effort in today's business environment. Once the document is created and reviewed, you can send it to your customers to get it e-signed.

To send your documents to your customers, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Revv by using your credentials.
  2. In the Documents section, select a document that you want to send your customers for e-signatures.
  3. Drag and drop the signature block under the document blocks to your document where you want to add it.

    You can also click the plus symbol on your document to add the signature block to your document.
  4. Hover over the signer signature's block and click Assign signer.
  5. Now, the Signature block section appears on the right side of your screen. Enter the email ID of the signer.
    Or, you can also click the dropdown icon that is available in the email field to view and select the details of your previously-added signer. In this case, the email ID, first name, and last name of the signer are automatically added.
  6. Click Add or click the Enter key from your keyboard.
  7. Now, enter the first name and last name of the signer.
  8. Click Add contact.
  9. Select the type of signature you want of your recipients. Click the dropdown button beside Click to sign under Signature type.
    1. Click to Sign: The signers' full name is captured as the signature.
    2. Draw signature: The signer has to draw the signature.
    3. Click to Initial: The initials of the signer's first name and last name are captured as the signature.
  10. Click eSign. Or, click the dropdown beside Send and click Send for eSign.
  11. To enable SMS-based authentication for recipients, click the dropdown beside the Settings icon and check the checkbox beside Send OTP by SMS. 
  12. Select the appropriate country of your recipients and enter their contact number.
  13. Click Send for eSign.

You have successfully sent your documents to your recipients.

Now, you can change the status of your document by selecting the status from the list. The various statuses of documents are Draft, Internal Approval, Sent, Completed, and Declined.

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