How to create approval workflows?
  • 21 Jun 2021
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How to create approval workflows?

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Article Summary

Revv workflows let you automate approvals for your documents.

Consider two types of scenarios when you are creating workflows - the first is when you want your standard deals to be approved automatically and the second scenario is where you create approval workflows that get triggered automatically when the condition is met. For example, you can create a workflow specifying that all quotes that offer more than 20% of the discount need to be sent to Mr. Bill (Sales VP) for approval. So you will have to set the condition as 'overall discount percentage of more than 20%' and select Mr. Bill as the approver from the Actions section.

You can create workflows that automate the approval process with different types of conditions. You can set some criteria at the SKU or price level and specify the approvers who are responsible for responding to those approval requests.

Here are the steps to create a new workflow:

  1. Click WORKFLOW on the navigation bar to go to the workflow page.
  2. Click + Add NEW WORKFLOW
  3. Enter your workflow a name, description and the trigger type which can be manual or automatic. Let's go with Automatic.
    Rules contain conditions that trigger the workflow and the action of the workflow. You can set a rule at the price book level or individual SKU level.
  4. Let's create it at Price Book level for now. Choose whether your workflow is applied over deals created using a specific price book or any (all) the price books
  5. Select the applicable price book.
  6. You will define the attributes to set the operating conditions which will trigger the workflow.  Here, we will create an Approval Workflow for deals whose overall discount percentage is more than 20.
    Revv Create Approval Workflows
  7. Since you want a workflow with the condition as - 'overall discount percentage is greater than 20', select deal table view attribute as 'Overall Discount Percentage', select the operator as 'Greater Than' from the list, enter '20' in the VALUE field.
  8. Next in the  Approval Flow window is the Actions pane. You can select your approval flow to be either  SEQUENTIAL APPROVAL or PARALLEL APPROVAL. If you select SEQUENTIAL APPROVAL and select multiple approvers (by clicking ADD ANOTHER APPROVER), the document will be sent to approvers in the sequential manner you selected the approvers. For example, only if the first approver approves the document, it will be sent to the second approver. If you select PARALLEL APPROVAL, the document will be shared simultaneously with all approvers.
  9. The suggested action for the trigger is to get approval. Select the people who are responsible for responding to approval requests.
  10. Once an approval request is sent, the approver/collaborator receives an e-mail requesting the approval. They can view the pending approval requests in their inbox too. The reviewer can click and then approve the document.
    The user gets a real-time notification of approval requests and document status gets updated based on rejection/approval.

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